Wednesday 1/7   Things may not go as planned this morning, and it’s best not to push it. Succumb to the desire to linger over coffee or tea and slow down the schedule.

When the Gemini moon races in at 1:12 pm EST, you may feel jarred into action. Phones ring, emails fly in and invitations are offered. If you took your time this morning, you may be able to coast gracefully through the change of pace. Even so, you may feel stretched by the evening and in need of recharging.

Keep in mind you may need an early night, some time with your journal or a nice escapist book.  Or you may want to call in to my teleconference at 9 pm EST. Contact me if you’d like the call-in number.

Tomorrow is another day and it’s one that will demand your attention. So get a good night’s sleep, if possible.