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Actually, this is a good time to tell all of you that Venus, the planet that symbolizes love and money is retrograde from December 21 2014 through the end of January 2014. Retrograde means a planet appears to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth. During this time of Venus retrograde it is best to think long and hard before any big purchase. Old friends and lovers tend to pop up, but they may not stay around, depending on other factors. People who may be most affected have a strong Venus placement or an emphasis of Libra or Taurus in their horoscopes.

Jupiter is also retrograde through March 9, 2014. This is the planet associated with expansion and fortune, so you may be experiencing some frustration in moving forward, especially if the placement of Jupiter or Sagittarius is strong in your horoscope.

The planet Mars is retrograde from 3/1-5/19/2014, so expect an increase in delays. Mars symbolizes action, desire and the libido. This affects all of March, April and into late May. The big message for you to take away is that whoever initiates, loses. Since Mars is the planet associated with Aries and Scorpio, if those signs are strong in your horoscope, take particular note of this.

There is nothing arbitrary in how ancient astrologers laid out our zodiac and Aries begins the wheel with the first spark of spring. Of course, this won’t surprise anyone who knows a strong Aries with their need to be first and striving.


Now Aries, you may have been working on active career changes since 2009, but this is a time to sit back and tweak that self image- things open up for you much more in summer through fall. During the time of Mars retrograde (and even somewhat before and after) make sure you channel potential volatility into exercise. If you don’t already have a system to keep your body in movement, this is a great time to start- gradually!


2013 has been a challenging year for relationships, both in business and personal. In 2014, continue to work on creating open channels to those relationships worth keeping, no matter how vulnerable this makes you feel. Take heart because this is a time to build foundations so find solid ground.


Investments and money increases after March; research and bide your time. Pay attention to your health (this has been a message in 2013, so if you’ve been ignoring it- start that exercise and nutrition routine). Since you presently have no obvious control over your career, you might as well focus on other routines- like regular networking!


If romance and or family has been more work than fun in 2013, the antidote is focused application on a creative project. This may also provide a release for the situations that feel beyond your control. It’s a good time to do some home repair. Good fortune is high when you put yourself out there.


You may have moved, or need to move or sell property. Somehow home life feels a bit restricted. Your focus may be on a legal or educational prospect that keeps you on your toes. It may be time to expand or look into other options for business/sideline.  Spontaneous travel is available- keep alert for opportunities.


You may have been dealing with some unavoidable risks or a particularly intense love affair. Keeping a journal or blog can help your equilibrium, make it a routine. This may be easier to say to you than another sign, but curtail optional spending at least until summer. ©Cucinell 2014- all rights reserved

Read forecasts for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

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