2014 astrology forecast


Before I give this snapshot astrology forecast 2014, most of you probably know your Sun sign, what you’ll find in a magazine or online column. Many people are skeptical about astrology, even though they might be somewhat interested in it; after all- how can there only be 12 kinds of people?

The short answer is that there are not only 12 kinds of people to anyone who really studies astrology.

Look at it this way, when you know someone’s Sun sign, it is a little like knowing their profession. OK, so I know you’re an accountant, or a lawyer, a coach or a plumber…. but I don’t know how you like to decorate your home, what you like to do for fun or what your life goals may be just from knowing that one piece about you.

The Sun indicates how you want to shine in this lifetime, and depending on what else was going on in the sky the day you were born, that might be a big bright part of you or it might not. The Sun passes through a sign over a course of 30 days. The moon changes sign every 2.5 days.

The moon tells an astrologer who you are emotionally, your habits, how you react to things, your memory and what makes you feel comfortable. Most of us are quite aware that whatever we might logically be thinking takes second place to our emotional reactions. It is true that some of us are emotionally logical- those are the Dr Spocks in the room… but even they short-circuit now and then and astrology, believe it or not, can help an individual understand that and even forecast when it’s likely to happen.

I give you this introduction to explain why this whirlwind forecast for 2014 has multi-layers to it. For those of you who know your personal astrology, read about the sign that your birth moon is in, or perhaps even more helpful, your rising sign AKA your ascendant. This was the sign coming over the horizon when you entered the world; it symbolizes your persona: how the world sees you. This can be very different than how you see yourself, but it’s the mask you’ve developed to present to people.

For instance, you might be a Scorpio, which indicates a private person who likes to sit backstage and observe how other people relate and react, yet you were born with Leo Rising, so when you walk in the room, people see you- like Martin Scorcese… He can’t help but have a flair that calls attention to himself, even though what he shines best at is the complicated art of directing.

Astrology is actually a very deep and complex language, but the average person doesn’t have to know much about it to have it be of use to her life. A good astrologer distills the information down to concrete blocks that you can use to build on; ideally that’s the purpose of this brief overview.

Keep in mind that you’re getting one view of a whole with a general forecast; sort of like going to a doctor to look at what’s going on with your arm without taking the whole body into account. There are at least 10 heavenly bodies that an astrologer uses for a basic horoscope: Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, etc. Each may be in a different sign in your personal horoscope which adds color and texture to the interpretation, depicting the unique you.

One clue as to know what other signs may be highly active in your horoscope- do you attract a lot of a certain sign in your life? Oh, I always seem to date Leos or Virgos, what’s that about? The odds are that sign is teaching you about another part of your self. So if there’s value in listening when I’m talking about that sign as well. The overview that I’m about to give is broad but may hit some of you right on the mark… may it be helpful or at the very least, entertaining.

So with that professional disclaimer, let’s look at each of the 12 signs and what you may expect in 2014 with a farewell nod to 2013.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces