Astrology Forecast 2017 —

I’d like to share insight which you may find stabilizing in these uncertain times. In Western Astrology, this is a year of fire and action.

Because of the positions of planets in the sky and triggers from eclipses, there are multiple indications of movement as we continue to process the effects of the great Uranus-Pluto square of 2008-2015. These slow-moving planets symbolize profound and long-term consequences.

To explain, Uranus symbolizes revolution, change and freedom; it has been in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiacal wheel. By itself, it suggests blazing a new cycle without concerns of the past. Yet because Uranus and Pluto, the symbol of death and irrevocable transformation, were in a geometric picture of tension, freedom does not come without deep unheaval. Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign that symbolizes the status quo, corporations and institutions.

All around the globe, people look for change, as systems no longer can maintain their prior power. The financial collapse of 2008 has never been properly addressed. Outworn methods to create wealth jerry-rig economies to the tipping point of unsustainability.

In the US, the new President has come in with a mandate to tear down old governmental systems. This is actually what needs to happen. One problem may be that if Trump replaces those systems with a financial model that also has run its course, that won’t work either.

The Moon Sign of a country indicates its population as a whole. The USA Moon is in Aquarius, which stresses individuality and humanitarian goals. This creates tension with the July 4th Sun in Cancer’s desire for comfort and security.

As much as one might long for a separatist nation, by nature the USA cannot isolate itself. The position of the US Sun Sign in the 7th house of relationships, shows that it gains from its alliances and it asserts itself against its enemies.

The Sun sign for a country represents its leader, so challenging aspects by transiting planets to the Sun show us how the leader does at any point in time. President Obama held office as Pluto began its journey in Capricorn, the opposite sign of our Cancer Sun.

Pluto’s transit since the turn of the century has worked this nation’s Shadow, bringing to a head our deep fears and grievances.

In 2022 Pluto will return to its natal position in the USA horoscope for the first time. If you look through history, you will be hard put to find a modern nation that has held one governmental structure for that long— 246 years? Whether we know this or not, the USA is evaluating what needs to change as it experiences some kind of revolution. Donald Trump is the catalyst for this experience, whether or not he knows that.

Perhaps one of the most insidious results of this powerful celestial configuration has been the phenomenum of “trolling” — when someone throws out a provocative statement simply to cause chaos and disruption on the internet. Many trolls delight in tossing out fake or incendiary declarations just to get a rise; they love to retweet Trump and have called him “King of the Trolls”. Yet Donald Trump does have a long-term agenda. Most “trolls” live in the moment and are not concerned about the consequences. Regardless, there are consequences to this particular disruption.

Pluto transits take a long time to process. Pluto was discovered in 1930 as the forces that brought WWII gathered. Experimentations with nuclear power and the spread of psychoanalysis at that time, all indicate what Pluto represents. Every person has subconscious urges that can be instinctual and hard to fathom. We have to work on self-awareness to overcome and surpass the urges that thwart consciousness evolution. Not everyone wants to do that; they resist, reject or deny potential for growth.

In the USA horoscope, Pluto shows that the great wealth of this nation comes from natural resources and in its ability to transform itself. Yet states have different views on the best use of their resources than the federal government dictates. Although states should have independent jurisdiction, this has become quite muddy as wealthy states’ taxes fund their poorer siblings. One possible result of this revolution is increased state’s rights and autonomy, but it won’t come without a fight as to where federal tax money goes.

When I use the phrase “Fabulous Feminine” I’m not speaking exclusively about women. I’m talking about the energetic vibration of the 2nd millennium that leads to more collaborative alliances. The more any country works in tandem with other states, countries, partners and even perceived enemies, the greater its strength. This is true for an individual as well as a country. But the motivation has to come from a place of cooperation not strategic tit-for-tat.

Businesses need to shapeshift to be more employee-run, and give people a stake in the business. The “leader at the helm” model of the past millennium is something that no longer works, although it hangs on.

Racial and gender prejudice, the deep distrust of the other — whether the perceived divide is education, entitled or “elites” — are all Shadow manifestations that stem from generations of unhealed wounds from the unheard.

Instead of deepening these divisions, we have to consciously work to listen and bring harmony. The dissonance has become so loud that we can no longer ignore the clash.

Donald Trump has started to undergo a transit of Saturn to his Moon in Sagittarius. Since he was born at the Full Moon, this also affects his Gemini Sun.

The ancients saw Saturn as the limits of the Solar System, so it represents order, discipline and fear (because nothing limits us as much as fear).

Trump last experienced this transit in the late 1980s when he skirted his first bankruptcies. Because he is the president of the US, his personal transits echoe the challenges the country faces.

It is critical to get a handle on debt, but the question is can the men who ran financial entities now in Trump’s Cabinet be the ones who turn the ship around? Since these corporate entities have pulled the strings for decades through the politicians in power, it seems unlikely that now that they’ve come from backstage that they will save the day. Yet they are setting the stage for Revolution.

2017 holds the energy of the Chinese Fire Rooster. Rooster years crow “wake up!”. There is so much fire energy this year, even vacations may have more action than usual for you.

Although the word “prophecy” has a religious history— even before formal religion, ancient people were able to make prophesies from simple observance of nature. Because this works, it is a reminder that our Universe does have predictable cycles and perhaps its own Intelligence. When one combines that with an archetypal symbolic language, a forecast can be extremely accurate.

Whatever the prophecy for 2017, it is up to you to decide how this profits you and what steps to take.

To strive towards consciousness, accountability and self-awareness is not celebrated in all areas of life. In the USA, many people don’t address this until they are close to death, which is one reason why Americans don’t like to talk about it, and they don’t do death well.

Perhaps 2016 was a year of release for you; it was a Universal 9 Year. We saw the release of the old way in the USA election, as people embraced candidates who represented change. But we also saw how severely the divide has become in the US (and in other countries throughout the planet).

So another piece that dissolved in the 9 year was the illusion that the governmental system worked as it should. Candidate Bernie Sanders brought seeds of progressive philosophy that inspired people, much younger than he. Donald Trump presented himself as the man who could not be bought and that he alone could drain the swamp.

Now in 2017, the energy of the “1” encourages fresh starts, new beginnings. On the world stage we see how this new and uneven energy starts to move. The soundbite and quick thought (and Twitter) will continue to get attention more than a long read.

If you have an idea that you want to get out in the world, think in terms of a quick toss. Roosters hunt and peck, they wake up early and call attention to themselves. 2017 encourages vigorous starts and pounces on the new and bright, shiny objects. Just be sure that once you have the attention you seek, that there is substance to back it up. If not, your audience quickly takes flight.

The 2016 “9” year had the added punch of Pluto moving past its midpoint in Capricorn; The dwarf planet that symbolizes Death and irrevocable change seemed to claim an usually large number of tremendous achievers and artists at the top of their fields.

As the world mourned losses of icons, we also integrated the spirit of Light that they showed. When people leave us it is left to the survivors to remember and value their stories. Some who passed: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Mohammad Ali, Elie Weisel, Patty Duke, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, to name a few.

To take on the “1” year, here are the  Keys to Make a Difference in 2017.