Monday 2/2   Imbolc: The day the ancients recognized the promise of spring in the lengthening days was then made Candlemas, the purification of the Virgin Mary by the Catholic Church. Both celebrations recognize the triumph of light over darkness and the importance of the feminine. 

But today on the news you will probably hear only about the groundhog and his shadow.  With the Taurus Moon he’s probably going to want to run back to the comfort of his burrow. Any big picture goals are going to have to answer to nitty-gritty realities; if you’ve a desire, how is it going to be funded? Don’t be discouraged, instead go back to the drawing board and think creatively about your options. 

It’s not a bad idea to slow down to make sure you’re on solid ground. Venus enters Aries this evening, indicating that regardless of weather, the desire to get out and connect will spike up.