Tuesday 3/3 At noon EST Monica Starr and I will be on AstroChatter Radio. Since the moon is in Gemini, you can expect a lively exchange. Whether you’re listening or chatting with us, or with someone you meet on a bank line or on the street, it’s hard not to slip into stimulating conversation.

This can be one of life’s great joys, or it can be distracting, depending on your responsibilities. If you’ve got a deadline, turn off your “Twitter” alert and stay off Facebook. If you’re running errands, keep in mind you may pursue something that catches your eye. If you can allow yourself some exploration time, you’ll be happier and you’ll probably discover some new, cool thing.

If you’re a professional writer or do it for fun or clarity, give yourself some time in front of the computer or pad. You will be amazed at how quickly and clear your thoughts may be flying by… good luck harnessing them!