Friday 3/6 I’m having a dinner party tonite and I recommend one for all of you; the moon in Cancer thrives on good food lovingly served in the company of friends/family.

Venus goes retrograde at 12:17 pm EST. One of my fellow writers, Deb Cerbini sent me this link of Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creativity:

It seems to me to be a wonderful reminder of the energy of a retrograde Venus. If  you’re an artist or creative soul, the next six weeks can help you re-connect with your muse. What you’ll need to do is give yourself time and the environment to allow it to happen. This can’t be rushed; you’re looking for an old love.

Don’t think of yourself as creative? We all are- it’s part of being human. So tonight you might want to find that rice pudding recipe you used to love to make or sit down with the scrapbooking elements you had stowed in a box.