Astrology Forecast: Week of July 31, 2017

This is the week before the upcoming Full Moon on August 7th, which is also a Lunar Eclipse. The next couple of days move at a fast clip; those who have targeted goals have the wind at their back.

Though it’s getting less press, the upcoming lunar eclipse is the companion of the August 21 Solar Eclipse. It may seem to mark the beginning of eclipse season, but that did start with the Leo New Moon, heightening the buzz, drama and overall high-decibel assault from the media.

Eclipses in general ramp up intensity, and to what degree you feel it has to do with your personal horoscope. You’ll also feel it if the horoscope of a country, business or world leader is experiencing a direct connection with the point of the eclipse. As a result, secrets and world events tend to come to light.

The symbolism of an eclipse is that a heavenly orb is hidden temporarily, which upsets the natural order. In the case of the Solar Eclipse, the Sun darkens which tends to eventual reveal external events, for a person or country. During a Lunar Eclipse, we enter the emotional and internal realm.

With the Aquarius Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse approaching, you may enter into deep soul-searching, memories or an unconscious dilemma. Pay attention to what might bubble up from inside. This can be a period of deep integration which allows a person to become more whole. By doing so with conscious intention, you can set yourself up for a great awakening with the Solar Eclipse later in the month.

More eclipse insight to come!

Here’s my link for this week’s forecast with an energy boost from my colleague, Suzy.

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