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Astrologer Pamela Cucinell offers an accurate and clear forecast to consider your choices and options for ultimate results. More about Pamela below.

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Our Astrology Insight Now community is for motivated people who want an energy refresh, spiritual connection, and timing advantage to heighten confidence in their daily life.

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Australian Powerhouse Spiritual Teacher/Healer Suzy Meszoly leads deep meditations related to that month’s opportunities, to help you navigate and integrate the flow of the Universe. More info about Suzy below.

Enjoy the zest, perspective and humor of the Astrology Insight Now with Pamela Cucinell and Suzy Meszoly. Receive a powerful energetic meditation to make the most of this period. Learn what opens spiritually at this time.

Each week we update our Astrology Insight Now! community through clear interpretation of the celestial signposts.

This profound spiritual guidance clarifies life’s essentials in down-to-earth language to increase your confidence in daily decisions. The specific guided meditations enhance your ability to make the most of your week. Questions? Email us.

Astrology Insight Now!

Let’s Jumpstart Your Week with Love

  • Start the Week Audio: Each week you benefit from our Astrology Insight Now! — you receive an energy boost and spiritual connection. The  audio includes the brief on the week’s astrology forecast by Pamela and a guided meditation by Suzy. Jumpstart your week with energy, spiritual connection and Love!
  • You can listen to Suzy’s activation meditation whenever you need a boost.
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Weekly connection raises the overall vibration of healing, peace and abundance. When you feel in touch with the expansive energy of the Universe, everyone around you can benefit! Suzy and Pamela build community to encourage this energetic shift: the weekly Astrology Insight Now forecasts and meditations are part of this. Please join us using the form above and spread the word!

Why listen to Astrology Insight Now?

  • Build new community, new support systems
  • Stimulate your life’s purpose
  • Embrace happiness, fulfillment and the joy of waking up each day excited to be alive!
  • Liberate the best parts of you; listen to ideas to strengthen goals and direction
  • Shift any job or relationship that takes more than it gives
  • Attract relationships that allow you a sense of freedom and growth
  • Quiet anxiety, restlessness, or confusion that can derail your day

Weekly listening can help!

  • Receive a daily orientation of inner peace and happiness
  • Benefit from a weekly energy refresh
  • Manifest employment that is gratifying and financially sustaining
  • Feel at ease with your place in any relationship
  • Connect with a spiritual community
  • Know who you truly are and find your inner wisdom and compassion
  • Deepen into the Divinity within you
  • In short, live a meaningful life

Your Spiritual Guides are Teacher and Master Healer, Suzy Meszoly, and Astrologer, and metaphysician, Pamela Cucinell. These women know how to keep the spiritual in everyday life. Doing so has changed their lives and they cannot live any other way. They have collaborated to provide you with continuous support that makes life wonder-filled.

Through humor and compassion, Suzy Meszoly will take us on an extraordinary journey of vibrational love transmissions to offer deep spiritual guidance and physical activations. This process awakens dormant systems and raises the frequency of your Light Body; to bring vital health, happiness, and integration. It can ignite your inner fire and bring you to a higher state of awareness, joy, and love. Give yourself an energy refresh anytime, anywhere.

How we live and actually feel and evolve are very much influenced by the environment and our place in the universe, which is why astrology is a valuable tool. When you know what to expect and how to deal with situations, you deepen into your Divine Self.

Our time has come to open our intuition to our world at large and to learn to ride these waves, gracefully and with ease. Our navigator through the skies is the ever-resourceful and gently nurturing intuitive astrologer, Pamela Cucinell.

Read what other listeners have to say…

“My experiences were amazing ranging from deeper meditation to dream plane travels. After the first three weeks, the energies became gentler and more subtle.”
– Natalie W, Accountant

“I feel these teachings have accelerated my growth more than all my other practices combined. I highly recommend this.”
– Heather Estara, Reiki Master

“… a profound impact on my personal and business life. I feel more grounded, centered, and purposeful. The meditations physically, energetically shift you… a positive impact for me. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to reach their next vibrational level. Be prepared for a huge, wonderful shift.”
Maureen Jacobson, Energy Healer/Business and Marketing Consultant

“…helped me to understand and cope with what is going on in my life. It made life make sense.”
– Donna Goss, Office Manager

“The meditations help me remember the truth, align with my heart, and give me grounded clarity.”
– Sandy Edwards, Brennan practitioner/massage therapist

Supplemental Offerings:

Private Astrology Consultation with Pamela: Contact Pamela
Suzy’s national and international retreats: Contact Suzy

Consulting Astrologer
Pamela Cucinell

Pamela Cucinell advises motivated people to time & execute their plans with confidence using astrology.

She holds the NCGR PAA certification for astrological consulting. Pamela works the tool of astrology through a mythological, spiritual, and Jungian psychological lens.

Pamela is also a tarot maven, artist, and writer. As an astrologer, she has a niche clientele who focus on business success, because those who are willing to create a new business paradigm are those who can move with grace in our fast-changing global economy.

Pamela lives in Chapala, Mexico with some members of her human and animal family. She goes to NYC and the Catskills a few times a year to visit her daughter, clients, and dear friends like Suzy.

Find out more about Pamela at


Spiritual Teacher/Master Healer
Suzy Meszoly

Spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, is an energetic channel, psychic, and healer. She is a professional classical homeopath who holds certificates in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, polarity therapy and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Suzy has enriched her healing practices through studies with Buddhist Lamas, Hindu gurus, shamans, channelers, and metaphysicians in America, Australia, Peru, Hungary, Nepal, and India. Previous to her healing work, Suzy was an executive director at the Soros Foundation in the international contemporary art world. More about Suzy and her offerings at