Astrology JULY 10, 2016

A Sun/Jupiter picture in the sky pumps up expectations for any enterprise.

Yet not everything that makes a big splash is designed to go the distance. Enjoy the shine and sparkle, but you might want to hold off on the investment.

The Moon enters Libra at 4:32 AM ET. Discussions about legal matters or to solve a problem can be quite fruitful.

The pleasure of any activity expands with the right companion. Even a disagreeable task or a boring wait on line becomes less of a chore when someone is there to lift the burden.

When you’re alone, engage your mind and create, to soar beyond any constraint. Enjoy music, art or a performance.

A Mercury/Mars picture in the sky shows support for activities concerning athletics and motor vehicles; you might experience a “personal best” in your routine or try out a new car.

Save a purchase for another time; if you’re on the road, stay alert and put your phone on “airplane mode” to avoid distractions.