cooper_hewittAstrology JULY 11, 2016

Today’s Libra moon invites conversation and diplomatic discussion, yet you may encounter a seemingly impossible impasse midday.

This may require total reevaluation of your position. Some days don’t lead to resolution because there simply isn’t enough information to make a good decision.

A Mercury/Uranus picture in the sky indicates that some messages may come out of nowhere; someone has very strong convictions but no apparent foundation for the information. This does not necessarily mean the ideas are without substance, but the veracity may require proof.

The Libra Moon encourages conversation, compromise and fairness, yet some discussions seem destined for stalemate. If you can’t move, listen well and research.

Hold off on any major decisions until you have the data you need. If you feel unprepared for someone’s apparent control of a situation, then this is not a time to close a deal.

However, if you feel you have the upper hand, tread with care because it was hubris that caused Icarus’ wings to melt when he flew too close to the sun.

Put anything contractually important aside to look at later in the week, if possible. Productivity increases when you focus on projects that are already started.

If you’re not trying to convince someone to see your side of a situation, lively company creates a fun evening. This is an evening best spent with someone whose company you love.

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