dessertsAstrology JULY 16, 2016

The Sagittarius Moon indicates that any task you take on benefits from inspired moments, whether its related to work or play.

Confusion may cloud early morning, especially if you need to get out and get going. The more you planned the night before, the easier any transition, but give yourself some wiggle room.

A Sun/Uranus picture promises that something unexpected occurs.

Even on the news, its effect reverberates. Depending on the impact, this can derail you, cause an upset or change of plans.

Exuberance or zealous commitment can dominate choices; whatever your course much ground can be covered.

A Mercury/ Venus picture in the early evening encourages lovely exchange with good people, which might also avail sound financial advice.

Many options may lead to piling too much food on a buffet plate. Whether this is a metaphor or reality, make judicious decisions.

Close to midnight, a Sun/Mars picture in the sky highlights the dynamic energy available. Be open to opportunity and keep the long view.

If you don’t have anything going on right now with business or plans, jot down your desires and let yourself see them on paper. Sometimes you have to make it real to yourself before you can make moves to make it real to others.