AtlasAstrology JULY 17, 2016

The Moon is void-of-course/ voc* as of 4:57 AM ET until mid afternoon.

Enjoy the early part of your day, strolling through the woods, playing games or reading. The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:33 PM ET on its way to Tuesday’s Full Moon.

The Capricorn Moon invites serious attention to responsibilities and commitments. This may be the evening to map out your strategies for the rest of the month, or at least for the work week.

The more consciously you do this, the better the results.

The momentum of the coming Full Moon coupled with the present position of the planets, suggests that time is well spent to plan.

Finish up tasks and get your house in order. If this is a play day, you may find that to call it an early evening suits most people. After such an action-packed weekend, it’s not unusual to clean up, organize and quiet down.

 *Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Sagittarius, the scope of far-flung projects deserve attention, but direction is not apparent. Consider with vigor, but make no commitments. You may also want to physically explore a location but don’t expect to find anything concrete… keep your eye on the gas tank if you go for a long ramble. More about the Moon VOC