©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Astrology  JULY 18, 2016
The Capricorn Moon encourages a push ahead on a project in motion; if you’ve not yet contacted a key player, now’s the time.

Midday insight or messages from Spirit can provide a boost which is especially meaningful when your goal is to provide service. Explore specific options in the areas of education, medical, financial or business choices.

Don’t shy away from meaningful assessment because what you determine now can propel you in targeted directions.

Discussion on the table may be about career, real estate, professional choices and investments.

Even if these are not the areas of life that have your attention, put your shoulder into your chosen project because Full Moons simulate completion. They also augment the integration of seemingly disparate situations— so this can be a pivotal time if you have to reconcile your work and home life.