GCSAstrology JULY 20, 2016

A Venus/Saturn picture in the sky suggests there is rock-solid support for endeavors at this time.

Look for people with integrity and settle for nothing less. Keen observation and networking triggers liaisons and situations that connect the dots.

The Aquarius Moon sets the mood for analytic observation, social media volleys and championing a cause.

Heads may butt in the evening— if you are with someone who doesn’t share your passion.

There may be someone who feels left out or taken for granted; if that’s you, get some perspective. If on the other hand, it’s how someone reacted to you, get some perspective.

Conversations can go in circles, unless someone is willing to go a new direction… otherwise the situation frustrates.

More information is not necessarily a good thing. Too many messengers can further complicate the situation.

Time may be better spent writing out pros and cons or taking a walk.