art mobilesAstrology JULY 22, 2016  

The Pisces Moon sails in at 4:35 AM ET.

Not even an hour later, the Sun enters Leo at 5:30 AM. This combination signals a high-drama couple of days.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll feel as though you’re in the middle of a novella (although it might). It does mean that everything gets heightened: color, sounds, encounters.

Feelings can be more intense and people become more expressive. This doesn’t mean personality changes, but it does mean that those who gravitate towards artistic expression seek an audience.

Because the world looks more compelling, you may feel somewhat distracted. If you can make it an early weekend, do that.

A sense of responsibility or limitation may crowd out pleasure in the evening; if something needs to be done, get it off your desk so you can enjoy tomorrow.

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