summertableAstrology JULY 31, 2016

Today’s Cancer Moon emphasizes the need to recharge on a weekend.

Family, home, garden and time by the water may call you. Things tend to get finished when they are started today, so choose how you spend your time with care.

Whatever may frustrate or pull at you this evening does not have to ruin it. Get a handle on what the problem or grievance may be so that you can properly address it.

It may be a situation out of your control, so you might need to give up attachment to the outcome. Then again, you might be able to change how you react to the situation.

There is an ability to confront an issue, but sometimes the quickest solution is to modify your own behavior (even though that may not be your first response). Once you change, the other person must.

A Venus/Uranus picture in the sky indicates that even when you think something is intractable, it can surprise you when the heart is in the right place

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