ocean-waves_currentAstrology JULY 4, 2016

There is a tremendous creative well to be tapped around dawn; meditate, pray and invite your mystical guides.

Dreams may bring messages that are hard to decode but also hard to forget. Let them gestate in your conscious mind, jot down images and the symbolism becomes more apparent in time.

The Cancer New Moon at 7:01 AM ET is 12° Cancer 54”. Some themes that the Cancer New Moon stimulates involve home, family, gardens, fertility, memories, real estate, real estate, cooking and legacy. You might want to focus on some of your New Moon wishes and goals this morning. For more about how to make the most of any New Moon 

This particular day, power struggles with others or within yourself may crop up in the early afternoon. This is the USA Independence Day and emotions are high. A strong “love” vibe colors the day, which can mitigate underlying grievances, if one keeps perspective.

Be aware of agendas that seem to crop up, regardless of their pertinence to the discussion. Although an argument may seem unavoidable, it doesn’t have to get out of hand. Otherwise, fireworks may not just be overhead in the evening.

When careful balance of emotions is achieved, opportunities and fortunate circumstances become available. Good feelings and camaraderie increase by late afternoon into the evening.

The Sabian Symbol hand for the degree of this New Moon is “A Hand with a Prominent Thumb is Held Out for Study”.

I am no expert on palmistry, but the thumb is of primary importance when analyzing a palm; it leads the read.

Unlike astrology, which requires one to know your birthday, palmistry is an art that can provide insight simply by observing the person. One does not have to pour over a palm to come to a few conclusions. Yet in this symbol, the hand is willingly offered for analysis.

This image works very well with the energetic component of today’s New Moon, because in Cancer, it has an emotional component that encourages connection. An outstretched hand of openness suggests that the heart is willing to trust, offer and accept.

However, a “prominent” thumb suggests a strong individual.

Clasped_handsTherefor, whatever is initiated with this New Moon works must allow each person to enter an agreement without compromising their highest intention.

Otherwise it will not last. If you can’t be true to yourself, it’s time to cut your losses and start fresh.

The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something” at the New Moon- For abundance check information

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