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Astrology JULY 6, 2016

If you haven’t already, read the JULY 5 forecast for the Leo Moon; it still applies.

In addition, if you’ve been a bit at odds as to where to put your focus, use the early morning to drill down to what’s important. Don’t plan it to the nth degree, but do be clear about priorities.

A Venus/Mars picture in the late afternoon begs for quality time with the people you love. If this is not something you can make happen at this time, plan something special for you.

Give yourself a dose of self-love to allow you to taste the possibilities: a playful purchase, a stroll through a park, outdoor music or even “tar beach”; whatever gives you jolt of pure pleasure.

In the evening, a Sun/Mercury picture triggers the impulse to communicate. Texts, calls, conversations and posts stimulate and can provide fresh insight.