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Astrology JULY 8, 2016

A Mercury/Jupiter picture pre-dawn lights up communication, for those who’ve been up since the night before or early risers.

This is fabulous for welcoming dawn meditations. Dreamers benefit from symbolic messages, whether remembered or not.

Today’s Virgo Moon has a rock solid work-ethic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Don’t get hung up in how much gets done or how it’s done, just do it.

The edge eases after mid-afternoon and then the weekend can begin without “shoulds”.

This is an auspicious day to begin a project, launch a concept or meet someone new.

Confusion can derail a conversation or miss an exit in the early evening. Spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural world.

The signs of Love are all around you in the sky, the earth and the waters.