breakfastAstrology JUNE 10, 2016

The moon goes void-of-course/ voc* at 3:14 AM ET.

If time allows, a leisure breakfast, playtime or morning cuddle is a delicious way to savor the present when the Moon’s in Leo.

Nonetheless, be ready for your workday when the mood shifts after 9:46 AM ET when the Moon enters Virgo.

If you don’t already have an agenda, take a few minutes to jot one down. The more specific you are as to priorities, the greater your ability to make it happen.

A set plan also prevents you from spending too much time on one project; you determine when it is good enough.

If however, you have the time to sink deeply into something that demands your attention, then allow yourself the full scope of actualizing every detail.

Fabulous energy for maximum craftsmanship. Those who work with their hands can delight in the results that come from ultimate focus. If you’ve written a piece that needs editing, do it today.

Grant your body a sweet exercise routine and feed it fresh, healthy food.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Leo, you do well to play: window-shop, go to a museum or performance, flirt, and make some artwork. Get in touch with a spirit of generosity; warm people with compliments. Observe whether or not you get the appreciation you require and if not, give yourself a lift. <a href=””><strong>More about the Moon VOC</strong></a></em>