bunny-on-the-meadowAstrology JUNE 11, 2016

The Virgo Moon creates a similar mood to yesterday, but with a couple of notable differences.

Confusion may plague the morning; if it’s important to get out early, have everything organized the night before, including obvious things like keys.

The tendency to be captivated by another thought is HUGE. Make time to meditate even if this is not part of your routine. 15 minutes with a cup of tea as you stare out the window counts, just be sure you are aware of time.

By 9 AM ET the pressure manifests and you may feel a need to “do”. Obligations and responsibilities present themselves in obvious or subtle ways.

Perfectionists obsess or have a “moment”; whatever happens, avoid the black hole of “should”. If your habit is to micro-manage how well you perform, back off.

There’s a difference between constructive criticism and punitive confidence-bashing. The serious tone lifts by mid-morning and we can enjoy a day of lush connections and appreciation of nature.

Opportunity is at your fingertips; this is magnified if you have earth or water signs prevalent in your horoscope. The “house” that Virgo is in your horoscope is the one that is lit up with potential at this time. If need be, fences can be mended.

Tremendous healing energy is available. Get outside— the goddess smiles on the landscape.