pigs swimAstrology JUNE 13, 2016  

The Libra Moon shines on most projects and endeavors over the next couple of days; be prepared to weather some bumps but the outcome is positive.

Neptune goes retrograde as of 4:43 PM ET. When the planet that symbolizes intuition, creativity, music, spirituality, service and subjugation goes retrograde, we are in a period where we deepen into those themes.

Obviously, this can be enriching for those on a path to enhance numinous or telepathic understanding of our Universal Unconscious.

But for those who experience victimization, addictions or a sense of helplessness, when retrograde Neptune dives deeper into unconscious patterns.

If you struggle to keep your head above water, this is a wonderful time to seek therapeutic help and really turn towards a different relationship with old habits that undermine confidence.

This is not an overnight process. It is subtle and can dissolve rigid perceptions; the trick is to be conscious when swimming through the murky waters.

Having a partner to work with helps tremendously. If you have a creative project you want to get off the ground (even if you are the project) choosing a great supportive coach is a step towards success.

Neptune is retrograde through November 19. Tasks large or small do well when begun today, especially those involving the arts, relationships and legal affairs. Just be aware that legal action is not something you want to initiate until after June 30.

Lively evening for company whether one or many.