meditateAstrology JUNE 16, 2016

Be sure to read yesterday’s forecast because it still holds. Enjoy a special meditation this morning; be sure to begin with a targeted intention.

Excellent for emotional healing and goals that require a warrior’s focus.

The well of inspiration and possibilities is limitless, so you benefit when you put in a specific request. Be alert to opportunities that present themselves today either directly or indirectly.

Indirect messages come through a sign, ad or post that gets your attention or through a symbol, like a bird, animal or story.

Don’t discard the alert but come back to it throughout the day, look up its meaning, tell a trusted friend about the observation.

The more seriously you take your unconscious messages, the greater will be your understanding of Self.

Financial discussions can lead to clear decisions; this may not be the time for definitive action (keeping in mind the Mars Retrograde) but it can be excellent for strategic alliances and plans.

Go over any prior moves with care to analyze effectiveness. Terrific day for therapeutic work of any stripe.

Unwind this evening with your nearest and dearest.