cat-waterAstrology JUNE 25, 2016

Today’s Pisces Moon magnifies the LOVE vibration; if you’re not feeling it, this is the perfect time to focus on self-care and self-love. It all starts at the root.

You may be OK in the self-love department, but if someone close to you struggles with this, it can affect you both. It is difficult (if not impossible) to accept and embrace love when you feel undeserving or experience a lack of self- appreciation.

Do you wear away at your self-esteem because of a critical nature or need for perfection? Does someone else close to you do this? It’s time for a holiday — take the lens off the perceived flaws. Allow yourself a day of joy.

If your home feels confined, get outside. If you need a lift, contact a friend, go to the beach or go hear music.

Find an activity that lightens your heart. If on the other hand, you are totally in league with love and joy, then share the wealth.

Activities by the water, with music and a spiritual octave are energetically enhanced; open to transcendence, no matter what is your usual comfort level with this.

The early evening may bring you down to earth. One metaphor is the parent in total delight with a party or event who suddenly realizes her kids are hungry and she hasn’t prepared food.

To make the responsibility that may loom less of a jolt, plan out the logistics in the morning (or the night before). Unless you are fasting, you know how many meals you want to prepare for and whatever other physical commitments you need to be aware of: transportation restraints, relationship responsibilities, work demands.

Don’t think you’re going to work or make up time tonight because the evening beckons with promises of escape and creative highs. You want to be able to soar with it.