race teamAstrology JUNE 27, 2016

The Aries Moon races in at 3:08 AM in spite of Mars’ slow pace in the sky.

The Red Planet turns Direct in a couple of days and those with Aries, Scorpio or strong Mars placements in their horoscopes may be champing at the bit.

A Venus/Neptune picture in the morning diffuses the sense of immediacy that swells. Collect allies for your cause or ambition.

You can work more love and creativity into your day by consciously relaxing any impatience or restlessness. Not everyone may feel the contrast of desire against potential, but if you are frustrated in a goal know that not every step may need to be of your own making.

Engage in dialog with friends, colleagues, neighbors and families; be open about your plans (without revealing anything too sensitive).

If you’ve done your homework and revised strategies as well as reviewed your strengths, then you are poised for action.

Over the next couple of days the energetic support is to go over every line and curve of the engine that carries you. Picture someone in preparation for a great race. The vehicle must be lovingly inspected and tested to ensure proper response to the upcoming journey.

Gather your teammates or bolster your confidence if this is a solo venture (don’t forget it’s great to have a cheering section). Get ready for the gear shift and the move ahead.

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