illustrated manAstrology JUNE 28, 2016  

Patience is not the strength with the Aries Moon and yet, good warriors step up to the task before them.

Without patience you may act to fast or alienate allies.

The bumpiest part of the journey is passed in the early morning and then the way seems much clearer to find a groove and come into your stride. Those poised for action can really get traction, but be aware that Mars is still not direct, so you may have to retrace your steps.

Even if ground has to be covered twice, the second time moves quicker with surer footing.

An unexpected encounter or revelation can lead you in another direction or augment the journey.

Be open to something that may change the landscape; let your mantra be: Higher Self, support me as I move towards my highest good. This is also a fun night for games, chance and romance.