Bubble-In-Hands-Public-Domain-520x245Astrology JUNE 3, 2016

Yesterday’s forecast holds for today. In addition, a Sun/Saturn picture may put the kibosh on a goal or expectation.

Don’t allow this to deflate you—it’s all a matter of timing.

Right now we are in Dark of Moon period — More about the Dark of Moon

Communication may be so up close and personal that objectivity is impossible. Give yourself some breathing room.

The Moon goes void-of-course/VOC* at 7:02 PM.

The Moon enters Gemini at 11:01 PM, which may generate a high-energy spark in anticipation of tomorrow’s New Moon.

You may want to wean off electronics before then, unless you don’t mind following communication threads into the wee hours.

Those in the Rye, NY area- New Moon Gathering tonight!  This is our last gathering for the season; summer gatherings are virtual.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Taurus, relaxation is demanded. You can try to accomplish a big task, but that couch looks awfully inviting. Give in and let yourself enjoy a leisurely lunch and your productivity will increase afterwards. Financial matters may want consideration, but chew over them carefully rather than bite down conclusively on any one offering. More about the Moon VOC