cheshire catAstrology JUNE 9, 2016

Today’s Leo Moon invites storytelling; it may seem that everyone has a tale, whether on the elevator, in a shop or during a client call.

Leave yourself extra time to give each person their due, or you may encounter short tempers, especially midday.

A Mercury/Mars picture in the sky indicates that one can go too fast in the wrong direction or totally miss a point. Don’t have too tight an agenda, nor enter stress easily.

It can be fun when you treat each conversation like an adventure or a gift to unwrap. However, visits and chats are time-consuming, so depending on what you hope to accomplish, some discretion is advised.

If you can craft your schedule to allow serendipity and creativity, then anticipate joyous inspiration.

If some concrete results are expected from you, either at work or another obligation, be vigilant about how you communicate. Cavalier or hasty responses will not bring desired results.

At the very least, plan to have fun in the evening, when the unexpected sparks exuberant heights.