Why Does Astrology Matter?  Astrology Now: 2016 — It’s so much more than simple entertainment.

stargazingMythology is taught in literature class because it informs both comedy and drama. The brilliant psychiatrist Carl Jung recognized that ancient stories of all cultures symbolized universal pieces of the human psyche.

It is no accident that astronomers name planets after mythical entities; every time a new heavenly body is named, we are on the threshold of greater consciousness, whether we welcome it or not. When we decipher the symbolism in the sky, it provides insight as to what occurs here on Earth. As above, so below.

Pluto: the god of the Underworld, Death, irrevocable transformation and ultimate power. Pluto represents the Shadow, which we instinctually fear. Yet only through becoming aware of our Shadow side can we step beyond the Fear.

Pluto symbolizes the power within each of us to come to terms with our dark side. The paradox is that we cannot truly know the Light unless we accept our inner Darkness.

As long as we deny the Shadow, it continues to erupt in cataclysmic ways. This happens both in our personal lives and on the world stage.

Everything that happens throughout the world is part of the individual in the same way that an individual’s self-awareness affects the entire world. That is why each of us has a responsibility to become more conscious.

When you work on greater self-awareness, you benefit the Whole. 

Astrology Now: 2016

As Pluto moves through a sign, we experience profound revelations and upheavals in the area of life symbolized by that sign. Since 2008 when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn, we have witnessed turmoil in many institutions: financial, education, government, religious, medical and corporate.

Capricorn, the status quo, rejects the need to let go of the outmoded systems, but Pluto is relentless. In the sign of Capricorn, which represents tradition, institutions and the very earth on which we stand, many find this inevitable transformation a threat to their very survival. But this process enables new growth for things as yet inconceivable.

Uranus and Moons- courtesy of NASA

Uranus and Moons- courtesy of NASA

The planet Uranus, named after the great awakener sky god symbolizes chaos, revolution and freedom. In Aries, it represents the fiery warrior for change. Uranus created a 90° configuration with Pluto from 2012 to 2015. The aftershocks will continue for years as many reject the “establishment”.

The last time these two planets had the 90° relationship to one another was in the 1930s. Refugees swarmed for sanctuary due to persecution. Governments closed doors or created camps. Xenophobia and hate prevailed as dictators rose to power. Fear paralyzed good people.

As we see similar patterns in our present world, we must present alternative choices. Astrology shows cycles that invite evolutionary shifts.

The blind path is to fall into the groove of the repeated pattern. We do have to irrevocably change, but we do not have to repeat the story that led to dictators, destruction and death. Never before has the need to make the shift been as critical with the threats of climate change and compromised water and food.

The reverberations mirrored by this celestial confrontation will continue for decades. The outer planets move slowly, so this recent pass was the first major geometric configuration of Uranus and Pluto since the mid-1960s. At that time, they were in direct alignment with one another— a 0° configuration, symbolizing that the energetic forces worked in tandem.

Huge changes happened in the 1960s: civil rights, disability rights, feminism, fledgling environmental awareness and anti-war protests. The young people galvanized these concepts, yet they did not benefit from the support of most of their elders, so the implemented changes only went so far.

Babies born in the mid-1960s came in with this seed energy. Today we have multiple generations to tip the scales in the direction of profound transformation: Baby Boomers now the elders, Generation X who support idealism within the collective and today’s young people.

Obviously, not every person invites this shift; we experience huge backlash as our world spirals towards change.

With Neptune in Pisces, the spiritual octave of this shift is extremely high. Neptune symbolizes among other things, the spectrum of the savior/victim. As it moves slowly in its orbit through Pisces, the vibration intensifies as we grapple with legacies of slavery and genocide.

The internet has brought home the prevalence of race and gender divisions. The way through is to dissolve the perceived borders that create the illusion of separation.

The need to make a race, religion, genders less than another fractures the human spirit. Neptune, the sea god reminds us that our blue planet is mainly water as are our bodies. We are all part of this great universal unconscious.

When one of us is wounded, enslaved or hungry, we feel it. This is why some people push it away and run to their harbor of perceived separation.

As we come together with open hearts, we dissolve the illusion of separation.

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