IMG_1743Astrology MAY 10, 2016

Depending on your comfort level with navigating emotions, today’s Cancer Moon may bring love and intensity or a wish to “clam up”.

You may not want to push past your comfort zone, but keep in mind that an open heart can bring good fortune and auspicious connections.

A Venus/Jupiter picture in mid afternoon indicates that the ability to create unlimited horizons is enhanced with loving abundance. In other words, financial and emotional well-being enable opportunity. I don’t simply mean, you need money to create money— but it does help to believe in an abundant Universe.

Even if you doubt this is active in your life, look for stories that reflect that. If you don’t have a memory of your own that promises abundance, focus on one or a story that you’ve heard.

If doubt or difficulty crop up in the early evening, observe and release. Find a picture or place that restores the sense that you deserve bountiful love, whatever that means for you.

Write out your ideal. You may want to share ideas and visions with someone. Whatever you imagine or begin may not look exactly like what you’d intended; ask that any surprise make it even better.

Also keep in mind that the Cancer Moon suggests that people are sensitive today. Remember this when dealing in a bureaucratic situation; be aware that workers are people too!

When feelings are a bit raw, remember that it’s everyones- not just your own. A little kindness can go a long way.

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