©Cucinell 2013

©Cucinell 2013

Astrology MAY 12, 2016  

Those with strong air and fire signs in their horoscopes are primed for a dynamic day.

Step up to the plate, whether you feel ready or not. If you want to get something done or off the ground, lift off and even levitation is possible.

There’s steamroller energy available, but it’s coupled with the Leo Moon, which can signify playfulness or over-the-top drama, depending on those involved. Those who do their homework and are in it for the long haul, make strides.

A Mercury/Pluto picture suggests tremendous tenacity reaps rewards. Revelations are available.

Feelings may be easily hurt in the evening, but before you assume the worse, sleep on it. You may unearth something other than what you had originally thought.

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