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Astrology MAY 14, 2016

The Virgo Moon slips in at 1:52 AM ET. Morning arguments can be sidestepped with adroit editing: choose your battles.

So much can be accomplished today that you want to use energy wisely. Tremendous healing influence is available.

Spend some time in nature and observe the details. Notice the light as it moves across a landscape, the different greens of the leaves and the birds that defy close observance.

Even 15 minutes outside can change perspective and invigorate, when you give it your full attention.

There are powerful resources available to get a project off the ground, but with Mercury still retrograde, you want to check all details before moving ahead.

Eat with care and savor life. Small gifts can bring tremendous pleasure.

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Retreat by the water—

join me for a day of music, healing, poetry, ceremony and fun….