IMG_4242Astrology MAY 2, 2016

A Pisces Moon presents potential for creativity and deep communication.

Analyze your reaction before you act, to be sure that you know why. If a sense of lack or limitations pops up, how you react has a lot to do with how long it sticks.

Be alert to if you have slipped into a familiar pattern (there isn’t enough, this isn’t going to work, no one cares) or if you truly have hit a wall.

Whether the situation is temporary or endemic, shift is possible. It begins with exploration, research and communication to probe.

Start with the assumption “we are all one”. Even an antagonistic encounter can thaw if you are determined to project love. Don’t linger in an unpleasant or unsafe situation; the best course is to end the discussion for now or to simply disengage.

Midday brings a sense of responsibility; this can seem to limit or define, depending on the circumstances. Be wary of anything that triggers fear, because this leaves you vulnerable.

Late afternoon/evening promises options for deep discussion and reflection; when you are able to allow the process. Meditate, appreciate, create.