Buddha Pond ©Cucinell 2006

Buddha Pond ©Cucinell 2006

Astrology MAY 20, 2016

Yesterday’s forecast may still apply today.

In addition, early morning inspiration or enthusiasm may lead to a gaffe. Consider your words before they escape your mouth or fingers.

On the other hand, you may deal with someone else’s blunder.

The Sun enters Gemini at 10:37 AM to heat up the desire for light chatter, jokes, gossip and information. This is at direct odds with today’s Scorpio Moon, which shines on a tête-à-tête, but can feel self-conscious in surface conversation or large groups.

Research, read and listen but let thoughts simmer rather than erupt. Dynamic revelations may pump through and a choice must be made.

If you feel as though you must give something up or a situation cannot be reconciled, you simply might need time.

The more thoroughly you explore all avenues of potential outcome, the more confident your decision.

Excellent evening to spend with those close to you. Curl up with a mystery, book a bodywork session or enjoy a problem-solving game.