the-archangel-michael-defeating-satan-1635Astrology October 3, 2016

We are in the season of the High Holy Days and for those who mark the Jewish holidays— a happy new year. 

The Judeo-Christian holidays (with the exception of 12/25) happen in synch with the lunar cycle.

Regardless of your religious connection, today is a very good day for fresh starts. Through tomorrow, you can gather all your good intentions and ambitions and lean towards the NEW.

The Scorpio Moon ramps up the intensity at this time of new beginnings; recycle the old and bring in the desired, even if unfamiliar.

It’s OK if it’s a bit frightening, as long as you welcome the transition. If you hesitate, change happens regardless, so the advisable course is to be on board and work through any discomfort.

Prayer/meditation and the highest octave of love keeps you on track in the AM. You have more friends than you know, especially when you approach people with an open heart.

If this is not familiar terrain for you, ally yourself with a favorite guardian from the other side: Archangel Michael, Prometheus or perhaps, your late Uncle Vinny. Imagine a powerful ally, however you see them.

Sometimes when you take a few moments to close your eyes, breathe and center and imagine a powerful ally at your back, you can proceed with tremendous confidence. Give it a shot.

Wishing you a beautiful day in the company of those who allow you to be yourself.