bus-ride-darkAstrology OCTOBER 4, 2016

The Scorpio Moon indicates that conversations can go to an unprecedented depth; cozy up to a family member or friend with whom you want stronger bonds.

You may find that even a stranger on a bus ride invites a more profound exchange than the usual simple pleasantries. Of course, you can choose not to explore someone’s disclosure.

Weigh a financial strategy or strengthen a desire to implement plans. When you lay out a foundation over the next several days, your ability to make it happen really rocks.

Consider carefully where you put your time and who you are with, because a quality connection reaps tremendous results.

If there’s a problem you want to solve or pending decision, open the discussion and take action. The Moon goes void-of-course/VOC* at 9:04 PM ET.

*The Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Scorpio, you may find a lost object when you clean. If you’re trying to finish something up you may have trouble ending it.. take it as far to the crossroads and then step away. Silence> is golden which may cause frustration if you need information… research other possibilities.. It might be better to curl up with a mystery, if possible. More about the Moon VOC