img_3245Astrology OCTOBER 5, 2016

The Sagittarius Moon begins at 4:26 AM ET. This sets up a very different couple of days than those just past.

Exuberance and even righteousness can overtake a situation.

Watch the edge that occurs if one’s passion or conviction bulldozes another’s point of view. The more enthusiastic and directed an idea, the greater its chance of taking over the room.

A Venus/Pluto picture can make an impulse or want be even more seductive. Don’t throw out fairness, no matter how enticing the offer.

Flexibility and a willingness to experiment opens up possibilities. A Mars/Jupiter picture in the early evening can indicate that fast moves or a tendency to overload your tray may lead to mishaps.

Keep alert when in motion. Sometimes a leader is desired or encouraged to set the tone, so be aware of others’ needs but don’t hold back your passion.