Singapore Summit and the Dark of Moon

The summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un began at the dark of moon. The date was auspicious for clearing away old grievances and to set the stage for new beginnings. The Moon in Taurus sailed towards a harmonious picture with Venus in Cancer; two yin signs created an opening for common ground through food and beautiful surroundings.

Although I’m skeptical either of these men are aware of this, at the dark of moon, we can call on the wise, loving energy of Hecate, one of the oldest goddesses. Picture a grandmother who “has your back”. Know that you always have the time you need to do what must happen in this lifetime. Hecate energy encourages comfort with decomposition, regeneration and the mysteries of the birth process.

The goddess Hecate is beyond linear time; she is the spiritual midwife for birth and death and everything in between and beyond. She is not confined to the saturnine boundaries of hours, minutes and days. She confronts the infinite; always was, always will be. As we deal with ramped up volume and head-spinning changes, allow yourself to enter into this sense of knowing.

This document was signed at a time that supported its intent. No timelines, no verifications, only the promise of wanting things to be different. In order to make that happen, old habits, patterns and reactions have to shift. This is the way to take this document forward. Once the New Moon ignites, critical foundations need to be laid as light fills the darkness.

When people plan an event or meeting at the dark of moon time, they are in the primordial soup. From a symbolic standpoint, there was a perfection in the timing of this meeting. We cannot move forward through old patterns that have proven to be ineffective. If huge promises and commitments had been made at this time, they might have been too big to realize. When crafting an agenda in the dark of moon period, it is best to discard, finish up and clear paths.

With this clearing is a reshaping, not only in validating Kim Jong-un as a world leader through Trump’s handshake, but in how this U.S. President is viewed by allies and foes.

No one thinks that keeping North Korea and its people in the dark is an answer, but it is not possible to shape a new beginning without real bonds. Those bonds may not come from the budding friendship these two men have showcased, but from the promise of North and South Koreans reconnecting. The call of the Taurus Moon and Venus in Cancer is a loving harmony of land and family. The people are the underground well in this horoscope.

I was unable to find the exact time of the signing – the closest was a twitter post by Bloomberg reporter Rosalind Mathieson who remarked on the pen cleaned for Kim before signing. Of note is Donald Trump’s natal Pluto is close to the Ascendant of the Document’s chart and the moon crosses his Midheaven. Whatever the outcome, it seems he’s quite clear on realizing his agenda. It’s unlikely he was “played” as some media suggests, but it’s also likely that much is hidden from view.

A powerful support from Pluto suggests manipulations not apparent but felt on both sides. In spite of whatever pageantry was witnessed, many discussions, plans and orchestrations occurred to facilitate these astounding visuals. As we move toward the Gemini New Moon we can expect more to unfold, as hopes and intentions get drafted and realized.