solareclipseAstrology SEPTEMBER 1, 2016

The VIRGO New Moon happens at 5:03 AM ET. The degree of the New Moon is 9° Virgo 21”. This is a Solar Eclipse which follows the wild card August Lunar Eclipse.

A tremendous undertow may prevent forward motion. This can seem daunting (or frustrating) but simply creates necessary checks and balances.

How much do you want it?

Is it the right way to go?

Any perceived limitations or obligations can be dealt with and make you more convicted in your intention. Eclipses are volatile times to begin something so you might be better served to avoid this struggle.

Far better to begin the new venture tomorrow mid-afternoon when a fortunate outcome is supported.

Short tempers may erupt early afternoon; be alert to “road rage” and its siblings. Any adjustment in your goal may hit critical point before midnight.

When you avoid the impulse to get sucked into the emotional vortex, it strengthens your resolve. Step up to whatever responsibilities are expected of you.

The Virgo Moon reminds us that healing work, whether creative or therapeutic, always presents a mirror. How deftly you handle this empowers and emboldens you. Powerful evening for ideas and opportunities.

No impasse is as impenetrable as it may seem. If you encounter a “no” or a dream seems to lack a concrete foundation, know that there is a way that as yet has not been defined. No matter how pie-in-the-sky, allow it the possibility of potential and Life.

mamaThe Sabian Symbol for the degree of this New Moon is “Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows”. This is a great reminder to bring together your emotional heart in a situation with the thrust of self-expression.

There is an edge to this eclipse that speaks to acknowledgment of Fear (shadows) and preparation for battle. This does not have to lead to argument, confrontation or difficulty, but it does require keen assessment as to what holds you back and why.

Any sense of victimization, “poor me”, can’t or shame needs to be transformed. This is not about logic, but it does ask that you see the wound or challenge and buttress your faith.

Sometimes the only way we get to the Light is to believe it is there.

September Sunflower ©Cucinell 2010

September Sunflower ©Cucinell 2010

When all around you are voices, memories or situations that seem to indicate no other alternative exists, it’s seductive to stay in the pattern.

Yet the call to look beyond is what changes the story. You have support in this expectation, that’s the “two” in the Sabian Symbol. It may be someone you know, someone who is coming or something else.

For instance, it may be a book you suddenly notice that has been on your shelf for years. Whether the support comes through a person, revelation, symbol or object, be alert to recognize it. This is the other “head” that helps you move from stuck to soar.

With Mercury Retrograde at this time, expect more information to be revealed by September 21/22. This can magnify and expand whatever the eclipse initiates.

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