rough-seasAstrology SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:55 AM ET.

The Saturn/Neptune picture in the sky makes its last exact pass today before faster-moving Saturn moves on. This configuration has been with us since November 2015; we have all been affected by it but for some of us, it’s been personal.

If Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces are strong in your horoscope, you may have felt this more than most. With Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, the inner conflict between spirituality verses religious commitment may have been an individual concern. Spiritual life and religion are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but limited views of religious expression can deny another’s validity or actually restrict faith.

On the world stage we see the mirror of this configuration through all the conversations/incidents that have been about victims/security/floods and what defines patriotism.

Neptune (symbolizes the sea/water) dissolves structures thought to be secure (security = Saturn symbols). This dissolution is apparent geographically in places like Virginia, Baton Rouge and Oklahoma (whose fracking wells created unprecedented earthquakes in that region).

The dogged investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails is a Saturn (authority, accountability) process to reveal lies, ineptitude (Neptune) which seemed to cause victims (Neptune) that are her responsibility (Saturn).

Yet definitive proof has eluded the investigative team, like an attempt to catch fish with their hands. As I write this, the North Dakota pipeline encounters continued protests from the native people and their allies. This may on the surface seem to be about one group protecting their pure water (Neptune) and therefor just be business as usual.

Yet the U.S. tribal nations’ concerns have a long history of invisibility (Neptune) to the U.S. government (Saturn). Water is our most precious commodity as human beings, so their protest effects all people. No mammal can drink oil or gold or platinum.

How do we dissolve the rigid preconceptions of the value of oil? Can we flip the dialogue of oil’s importance to water’s preciousness? This is not only about physical water (which is incredibly important) but it’s also about restructuring ideals.

How does the spiritual, compassionate, inclusive idea gain status and value for the status quo? These are the crossroads we face with the Saturn/Neptune square.

Since Jupiter just moved into Libra as this last pass occurs, the possibility of a confrontation or revelation through relationship may open the conversation. In spite of a long list of projects or goals, stick to what is most important today. Follow the letter of the law, but not at the total cost of your or another’s individual needs, otherwise something is sure to erupt.

A Venus/Pluto picture in the sky heightens the necessity for personal inventory; are you living your true values? Is there someone or something in your life that keeps you tethered to an old way of being— this might be the time to begin the process of shifting reality, no matter how slight.