9/11 Memorial PoolAstrology SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 

9/11 has evolved to a day of service, remembrance and peace. With all the noise of the presidential election, my hope is that yours is a day of reflection and love.

Yesterday’s perceptions may cling to memory upon waking; regardless of how subtle, note your reaction to circumstances and people today.

Be careful of what you promise or promises made, because anything with too tight perimeters is sure to be broken.

Today’s Capricorn Moon indicates results-driven activities and encourages mandates to do something tangible. Life is precious.

Discussions and therapeutic work can hit transformational points midday. A trigger mid-afternoon suggests a moment of longing or lack; this passes to allow heightened awareness of how the pieces can come together.

Whatever your schedule, may you have moments of reflection and peace.

I’ll be at the Wainwright House Yoga for Peace event today— if you are in the area, please join us for a day of reflection and community 

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