chandelierAstrology SEPTEMBER 13, 2016  

This Aquarius Moon shines on activities that are community-minded, social-action, problem-solving or highly unusual.

If you’re willing to step up to the plate, you can really turn a situation in the direction you choose.

Whether you leave the house or not, there’s a great possibility of communications that stimulate and engage. If you want to get an idea out there, this may be the time— or at least draft it out to push it out tomorrow morning.

A Sun/Mars picture in the sky indicates that some people may butt heads, especially if there’s a great deal of passion involved. You may find yourself in the middle of this or just a witness; it depends on how much ego is invested.

Nonetheless, tremendous vision, ideas and excitement pumps into consciousness. Whether you choose to take action or let it sit depends on who you are and what’s brewing at present.

A lot can be accomplished, especially if you thrive on spontaneity and the unexpected.