viewAstrology SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

The Pisces Moon packs a big wallop and it may be in the form of confusion and/or fantastic moments.

Emotions are ramped up, so don’t be surprised if someone overreacts to a surprise or event. If you have a tendency to cry easily, you may want to insulate yourself from negative people, press or situations.

This isn’t always something we can control, but if possible and it’s in your best interest, then do.

Volunteering and service is emphasized. On the other hand, since hyperreality is at play, visuals and sounds can reach points of extraordinary intensity.

walkNot everyone is sensitive to the extremes of hyperreality, but we all have the ability to experience it if we choose.

If this is not something you easily see or hear, give yourself some time in nature or a museum today, or you might listen to some music you really love.

Give yourself time to truly see or hear. Mid-afternoon is when the energetic vibe is at its highest. Give thanks for the beautiful world.

It’s possible to receive an epiphany or some delicious insight.

Don’t shirk a responsibility that comes at you, or you may find that you work even harder at it.

Delicious evening for music, art, film and the company of someone with whom you can relate deeply. A quiet night of reflection and creativity is also recommended.