running-kidAstrology SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

The Aries Moon sails in at 12:22 AM ET. Action and desire beckon with a Mars/Uranus picture in the sky, so if you are out/up past midnight, sleep may not be any time soon.

Dreamers may experience restlessness or revelations. You may wake with a variety of activities; your satisfaction at accomplishment can be great when you prioritize.

Responsibilities and commitments in the late afternoon/early evening create rock-solid foundations. This can be a new alliance or an ongoing proof of what’s important.

Excellent time to meet with a mentor or authority figure (whether yours or if you provide that to someone else).

If the Eclipse stirred up any old business or strong feelings for you, this may be the weekend to move with decisiveness.

Definitely exercise, walk, run, bike or get in whatever motion is tried-and-true for you. A high-energy evening for a cause, games and/or fun.