img_4665Astrology SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

The Gemini Moon glides in at 1:53 AM ET. Even though the impulse to communicate and connect is HUGE, be alert for typos and misunderstandings.

As the International Day of Peace, there’s no shame in lengthy conversations and careful negotiations, so take your time. You may have a long agenda, but the tighter you make it, the better the results.

Tomorrow Mercury goes direct, so the possibility of missed or half-baked messages may cause confusion.

Meditation and reflective time is advised in the early evening. Double-check any responsibilities or commitments you agreed to and don’t assume that someone else is doing the expected tasks.

Distractions and missed signals may rule the day, but as long as the overall intention is to value and respect one another, the outcome is good.

As a result, it is totally appropriate to follow-up and check-in. Otherwise, assumptions may result in disappointments.

Ideally, this is a playful day with lots of chat, ideas and curiosity.