autumn-oak-leavesAstrology SEPTEMBER 22, 2016  

Mercury stations to Direct motion at 1:31 AM ET.

Since the Moon is in Gemini, a great deal of messages can come up in a short period of time. Be on the alert — what’s truly important may take longer to deliver.

The Autumn Equinox occurs at 10:22 AM when the Sun enters the sign of Libra.

For the next few months, a heightened emphasis for knowledge, opportunity and more harmonious relationships seems indicated with Jupiter so close in alignment to the Sun.

However intrigue and secrets, no matter how well-meaning, prevent transparency in all situations. Spontaneous invitations may pop up today with an overall desire for party, community and the unexpected.

Although communications may require more attention than usual, this is still an auspicious time to move ahead with a goal or concept.

Tempers can be short in the late evening. A soothing shower or bath with lavender or cucumber can calm the nerves for a good night’s rest.

Go to sleep with the confidence that your most fervent wish receives the energy it needs to come to realization. Sweet, sweet dreams.