yoga-meditateAstrology SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

Yesterday’s energy still applies; many would say that today is one of the luckiest days of the year.

Since Pluto stations direct, secrets will be be revealed over the next few months.

Whether or not that affects you directly, it’s still helpful to tap into Pluto, the god of the underworld’s symbolism. Pluto signifies irrevocable transformation, but also wealth— the hidden jewels within.

This is a powerful day to meditate on your ability to manifest the wealth you require.

Wealth is not always finances, it might be your creative riches, health or faith. It is buried deep within you. We are all part of the Universal Stream of Consciousness.

As part of this great force, you can tap into what you need. See how your day goes when you plan it out, map out your priorities and tell yourself that you can attract whatever is needed to make it all flow.

The Leo Moon encourages play, but also courage. Sometimes it takes courage to be creative, to believe or to play. Give yourself some playtime; even a little time lightens the heart.

An open heart receives with ease good fortune.