metropolitain-museum-of-art_lehmanAstrology SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

The Moon enters Libra at 3:52 AM ET.

Tempers may be short in the early morning; keep perspective on what is important. Opportunities present themselves by midday.

Proceed ahead with expectations of good fortune, because luck is there for the taking.

Make your New Moon goals but if possible, hold off on taking action. Although no eclipse, there is a surprise quality to this New Moon.

Action taken in early October gleans far better results. Plant your seeds of intention for now.

The Libra New Moon occurs at 8:11 PM ET at 8°Libra 15”.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “Three ‘Old Masters’ Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery”. The number 3 is the Empress in tarot: creative, fertile, abundant.

Old Masters are teachers, but also have great monetary value. The symbol speaks of valuable creativity, something special and kept apart. It seems to emphasize the importance of keeping your creative fruit somewhere special, not so much for safety but to honor its sacred importance.

We are all masters of something. At this New Moon, recognize the special gifts that are part of your creative well of self-expression.