diving-waterAstrology SEPTEMBER 5, 2016

On Labor Day the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:38 AM ET. The energy may be intense if you’re not quite ready for laser focus, so prepare for more activity; the next few days are all about doing.

Where do you need to take courage and act?

The “doing” can be a deep dive with someone when layers are stripped and you see one another in greater dimensions.

Or perhaps you decide to challenge yourself with a sport or ride at an adventure park that you’d ordinarily pass by.

You might also choose to make this a day of personal reflection and allow an internal exploration. For instance, to sift through finances and bookkeeping reveals hidden jewels, positive and negative.

And for those in love, spend a day in deep knowing: remember, this can be with partner, or through a celebration of life.

Instead of skipping the stone above the water, plumb the depths!